Why you need an Event Planner Geek


  • We assist you to determine your event goals and objectives. Work out why you are holding the event and help you plan to achieve.
  • Search for the ideal venue that meets your requirements.
  • We will brings best practices to the table and strategically guides your organization through the development and implementation of your event.


  • We know exactly where money gets wasted and where costs can be cut.
  • What may take your team 20 hours of  time may only take an experienced planner six.
  • We have built relationships with vendors.
  • Work out your budget and assign amounts to venue, food, entertainment.

Guidelines from the life  of an Event Planner. 

Christmas is coming upon faster than many of us would prefer, and unfortunately, time isn’t slowing down any time soon.

Keeping things simple is the best way to plan a party quickly—instead of using multiple fabrics or colors for the table linen, choose one color as the base, and an accent color to use for the napkins.

Coordinate the floral arrangements or centerpieces with the table linen colors.



Event Chair for Local Breast Cancer walk

Our firm is the Event Chair for this year annual walk for Sister’s Network Dallas, Inc. Affiliate of Sisters Network Inc. with more than 40 affiliate survivor-run chapters nationwide. The organization’s purpose is to save lives and provide a broader scope of knowledge.

We are excited to be a involved to use our expertise to bring the  planning and coordination for this event.

 “Bringing the Royal Treatment to your Event”  

Walk Card 15 RVSD (10)


Pass menu bites

Design trends and fads will start taking shape to give us a better understanding of what 2015 will really mean for events.  Here is a few things we wanted to share.

  • Warehouses, museums, auditoriums, you name it. Possibly one of the best trends for 2015 for unique venues.

Bite-sized Menus

Cakes and entrees are in no way obsolete, but passed hors d’oeuvres and small plates are still big at catered events. We are helping our corporate clients to try and save money by opting for appetizers instead of full meals and choosing mini dessert options to please more palates. Keeping menu items small and passed also relaxes the atmosphere and keeps attendees moving and talking throughout the event space.  See the pictured above from a past event.

Marquee Lights

What a great way to bring lighting into an event!  Whether it’s initials, symbols or full words, marquees have a memorable impact on attendees and also add charm.

While there are dozens of trends that have survived the New Year, these ideas will continue to be used and enhanced in the year to come.

Our idea:  Be the virtual Creative Event Coordinator helping clients recognize outstanding performance, all at a reasonable cost using only the best suppliers.